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Welcome to EFL Takeaways!

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Over the years I’ve written, used and accumulated a lot of classroom materials, some of which I thought other teachers might find useful. Hence this blog!

A little bit about me. I’ve been teaching since 1991, most of that time in Barcelona. I work at the Escola d’Idiomes Moderns of the University of Barcelona as an EFL teacher and head of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). To find out more, please visit the About section.

All the materials on this site are tried-and-tested, but bear in mind that they have been produced to use in a general adult EFL context in Spain. Please feel free to adapt the activities to use with learners of different L1s and different age groups. I’d love to hear your feedback, so please leave a comment.

Thank you for visiting.



One thought on “EFL Takeaways: Materials for EFL classes

  1. tchleo May 19, 2020 / 7:22 pm

    Your esl lesson on Adam Alter’s speech was amazing. Thanks a lot.


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