The Secret Millionaire

Secret Millionaire

Video Worksheet


This activity is based on a short (3-minute) clip from the UK Channel 4 documentary ‘Secret Millionaire’, which can be found on YouTube. This complements the text ‘The Secret Billionaire’ in Unit 3 of Headway Advanced. but can be used independently as a springboard for a discussion on the importance of ambitions, money, drive and social environment.

The worksheet also focuses on the use of prepositions in a biography (Wikipedia extract) and introduces some idiomatic, spoken language and cultural references.


Secret Millionaire intro

Video worksheet Secret millionaire – student

Video worksheet Secret millionaire – teacher

Song worksheet: Rag ‘n’ Bone Man – Human

Rag 'n' bone.jpg

Song worksheet

Worksheet on song related to the theme of ‘humanity’, which can be used to supplement the first unit of Headway Advanced 4th Edition (Soars, J & L, Hancock, P., 2015) Oxford University Press.


Song – Human -student

Song – Human – teacher


Here’s a link to the video


TED Talks: Jigsaw Listening – Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs pic

TED talks worksheet


In this activity, students watch two TED talks on a related subject (UN Sustainable Development Goals) and answer different sets of questions. They then share their information and discuss some of the issues raised


This activity can be done:

  • as a jigsaw listening, with students in two groups in different rooms
  • as a ‘flipped’ activity: students in groups A or B watch different vídeos at home, do the exercises, then share their information in the next class
  • as a whole class activity (talk 1) and then at home (talk 2)

It also works as a supplementary activity to Headway Advanced (4th Edition, Soars, J & L, & Hancock, P. Oxford University Press) Unit 2.


Introductory vídeo: Sustainable Development Goals

TED Talk 1: Michael Green (2015)

TED Talk 2: Johan Rockström (2018)


There is an introductory PowerPoint, a worksheet for each of the two talks and teacher’s notes with key for each worksheet. The vídeo links are included above.

TED talks SDGs intro

TED talks SDGs talk 1 – student

TED talks SDGs talk 1 – teacher

TED talks SDGs talk 2 – student

TED talks SDGs talk 2 – teacher