TED Talks – Greta Thunberg (2018): The disarming case to act right now on climate change


Video worksheet


Worksheet based on short TED talk by Greta Thunberg, just as she was coming to prominence as a teenage climate activist.


Climate change is an extremely topical subject, for good reason. This worksheet is based on a TED Talk by the teenage climate activist, Greta Thunberg when she was just 16. The ppt below can be used to brainstorm learners’ prior knowledge about the speaker. As she speaks very clear, articulate ELF (English as a Lingua Franca), this worksheet could work from B1+ (with subtitles). From C1+, try listening without subtitles first and then checking with the subtitles on the second listening.


Greta Thunberg intro

Greta Thunberg TED

Greta Thunberg TED KEY

Link to video


TED Talks: Jigsaw Listening – Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs pic

TED talks worksheet


In this activity, students watch two TED talks on a related subject (UN Sustainable Development Goals) and answer different sets of questions. They then share their information and discuss some of the issues raised


This activity can be done:

  • as a jigsaw listening, with students in two groups in different rooms
  • as a ‘flipped’ activity: students in groups A or B watch different vídeos at home, do the exercises, then share their information in the next class
  • as a whole class activity (talk 1) and then at home (talk 2)

It also works as a supplementary activity to Headway Advanced (4th Edition, Soars, J & L, & Hancock, P. Oxford University Press) Unit 2.


Introductory vídeo: Sustainable Development Goals

TED Talk 1: Michael Green (2015)

TED Talk 2: Johan Rockström (2018)


There is an introductory PowerPoint, a worksheet for each of the two talks and teacher’s notes with key for each worksheet. The vídeo links are included above.

TED talks SDGs intro

TED talks SDGs talk 1 – student

TED talks SDGs talk 1 – teacher

TED talks SDGs talk 2 – student

TED talks SDGs talk 2 – teacher